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What is love? Part 5


What is Love? Part 5 This past week I sat across from a couple who has been meeting with me for almost 1 full year. They desire to pursue marriage as God designed it to be lived but so often they struggle with the reality that selfishness can derail us, pulling us off the path [...]

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What is love? Part 4


What is love? Part 4 Being married isn’t always easy. There have been nights where I’ve been lying in my bed fighting my own thoughts. The battle goes something like this: Selfish Dan: I can’t believe this! I don’t deserve to be treated this way. Loving Dan: God has given me a chance to mirror [...]

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What is love? Part 3


Part 3 Do you remember when you stood face-to-face with your spouse and, with genuine conviction and intention, proclaimed your love for them by vowing to remain faithful to them through thick or thin, richer or poorer, until death pulls you apart? Can you still see the look in their eyes as they lovingly gazed [...]

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