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Are your kids pulling your marriage part?


Parenting is hard. So is being married. When the two are put together you have potential for great joy and also great struggle. Marriage is one of the most amazing institution on earth because is allows two people with different desires and selfish wants the opportunity to grow in holiness, resulting in a lasting happiness [...]

Are your kids pulling your marriage part?2017-04-28T11:11:53-05:00
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Juggling life with kids


We are told in the Bible that children are a blessing from the Lord (Psalm 127:3). We also see an example of how much Jesus values children when He told the disciples to stop preventing the children from being close to him (Mark 9:36-37). But, if your family is anything like mine, there are days [...]

Juggling life with kids2017-05-12T09:44:48-05:00
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Life is fragile


This past week I have been reminded of just how fragile we as humans really are. It’s easy to think we’re always going to be healthy, always going to have our family around, and our health will stay the same as long as we eat healthy and exercise. Tuesday afternoon I received four emails that [...]

Life is fragile2015-04-29T10:51:52-05:00
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