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Living Happily Ever After


Many of us have been in the back yard in the heat of the summer, hose in hand and kiddie pool at our feet. As the water splashes into the pool little droplets bounce up and hit you on the legs, instantly cooling you down. After a while the pool is full and ready to [...]

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Why won’t my husband take some leadership?


Failure is not usually fun. Failure to complete a task, arrive at a certain destination on time, or meet expectations are just some of the ways guys can feel like a failure. Many women claim to want a man who leads and takes charge but too often the husband is made to feel like he’s [...]

Why won’t my husband take some leadership?2017-11-04T21:33:05-05:00
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How do I know if I’m a “good wife”?


Terms like “weaker sex”, “inferior”, and “unequal” have been used in the past to drive many of the changes in women’s roles both at home and in the workplace. Much effort has been given to opening new opportunities and possibilities for women in the workplace as well as redefining roles in the home between husbands and [...]

How do I know if I’m a “good wife”?2017-11-04T21:33:05-05:00
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