I just completed a class at Adler Graduate School that required me to write my own personal philosophy of counseling. The whole process was very challenging and encouraging because I got a chance to actually put on paper what I knew in my head to be true. I think a large number of people have ideas on what they believe about certain things but few are ever forced to actually sit down and completely think it through enough to logically place it on paper. I am very glad I had an opportunity to write this paper because it helped to solidify what my approach is when working with children, youth, and adults.

Below is my philosophy of counseling so if you’re really bored and don’t have anything fun and exciting to do (like watch grass grow or fishing in a bucket!) you are more than welcome to take a read and let me know your thoughts. I am by no means an expert on this topic and welcome your comments and suggestions.


Philosophy of Counseling

Nouthetic Counseling Information