Are your kids pulling your marriage part?

Parenting is hard. So is being married. When the two are put together you have potential for great joy and also great struggle. Marriage is one of the most amazing institution on earth because is [...]

Juggling life with kids

We are told in the Bible that children are a blessing from the Lord (Psalm 127:3). We also see an example of how much Jesus values children when He told the disciples to stop preventing [...]

Life is fragile

This past week I have been reminded of just how fragile we as humans really are. It’s easy to think we’re always going to be healthy, always going to have our family around, and our [...]

Bigger and Better: Am I settling in my life?

Bigger and Better: Am I settling for less in life? In college I played a game called “Bigger and Better”. The goal of the game was to drive around from business to business asking if they [...]

What is love? Part 5

What is Love? Part 5 This past week I sat across from a couple who has been meeting with me for almost 1 full year. They desire to pursue marriage as God designed it to [...]

What is love? Part 4

What is love? Part 4 Being married isn’t always easy. There have been nights where I’ve been lying in my bed fighting my own thoughts. The battle goes something like this: Selfish Dan: I can’t [...]

What is love? Part 3

Part 3 Do you remember when you stood face-to-face with your spouse and, with genuine conviction and intention, proclaimed your love for them by vowing to remain faithful to them through thick or thin, richer [...]

What is love? Part 2

A number of children were asked following question: “What is love?” When I read through some of their answers I had to share them with you! "Love is when you kiss all the time. Then [...]

What is love? Part 1

Part 1 As soon as I hear or see the question “What is love?” immediately I go to “baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more”. I know that song has no redeeming value [...]

Living Happily Ever After

Many of us have been in the back yard in the heat of the summer, hose in hand and kiddie pool at our feet. As the water splashes into the pool little droplets bounce up [...]

Why won’t my husband take some leadership?

Failure is not usually fun. Failure to complete a task, arrive at a certain destination on time, or meet expectations are just some of the ways guys can feel like a failure. Many women claim [...]

How do I know if I’m a “good wife”?

Terms like “weaker sex”, “inferior”, and “unequal” have been used in the past to drive many of the changes in women’s roles both at home and in the workplace. Much effort has been given to opening [...]

I want equality in my relationship!

Equal is not the same. Read that again. For many this sentence is an oxymoron. How can something be equal yet not be the same? It’s simple, because they’re not the same! Many books have [...]

Husbands, know your role!

Ephesians 5:18-33 A husbands love is not contingent on how he feels about his wife, what she does for him, or how she treats him. God’s command is to love, regardless of their actions. This [...]

How do I know if I’m a “good husband”?

It’s no secret that masculinity has been greatly diminished over the last several generations. The strong leader, gentle giant, and competent husband/father has been replaced with men like Raymond Ramon from “Everyone Loves Raymond”, Charlie [...]

Nouthetic Counseling and Adlerian Psychology

I just completed a class at Adler Graduate School that required me to write my own personal philosophy of counseling. The whole process was very challenging and encouraging because I got a chance to actually [...]